Kings of the Sacramento

The Sacramento River plays host to some of the largest king salmon runs on the West Coast (even Alaska!). The kings start pouring in mid-summer and this amazing river will pump out great fishing all the way to Thanksgiving…and beyond!

Sac Kings typically average around 15 pounds, though we catch them over 30 pounds each year…46 pounds was the biggest one of my clients caught last season!

We also fish the Sac's big tributaries: The Feather and American rivers as well



We start fishing the Sacramento and Feather rivers in August and continue into early September, at which time we jump to the Klamath/Trinity system.

We continue on the lower Sac for big, chrome kings in October and fish into early December. 

In October and November, special night salmon trips on the lower American River are also available. 


Sac Valley Kings, 7 hours

Night Salmon Fishing, 4 hours


Are you ready to do battle with the King??