Light Tackle Shad Fishing!

Spring shad fishing is the perfect outing for friends and families to get out on the water and have have some fun. Our guided shad trips are half days (choose early morning or late evening) and run 4 hours.

Shad bounce around from year to year, so we fish the American, Feather, Yuba and Sacramento rivers for them -- heading to whichever one gives us the best shot at good fishing on a given day. 

We use very light spin or fly  tackle to target these hard-fighting acrobats, and when we get on a good school, catching 50 to 100 fish in an outing is very possible. 

Shad in the Sacramento Valley typically run 2-4 pounds but there are plenty of 5 and 6 pounders around each year to keep you on your toes. 



On a typical year, the shad start showing up in good numbers the first week or two of April and then the run just builds from there. 

Peak season usually occurs mid May to mid June 



Valley Shad Fishing
$150/person (Half Day)

All spinning gear is provided. Fly anglers are welcome to bring their own gear -- just check ahead with us to make sure you have the right stuff.

Shad fishing is great for kids and adults alike !