Light Tackle Fun!

We specialize in tossing topwater lures, swimbaits, jigs and other hardware for stripers in the Sacramento River/Delta system. It's such a fun way to make the cast, you feel (and in the case of topwater, see) the bite and then it's you vs. the fish! Light tackle is the order of the day, so you'll always get the most scrap out of these battlers...

Fly Fishing for stripers is also a passion of ours and an excellent way to hook a bunch of fish!

Live bait specialists too, when conditions or the fish call for it we can go that route as well. 



CA Delta: November-May

Sacramento River: March-April

Feather River: Feb-April

American River: May-July



Conventional Tackle

Fly Fishing, 2 person max


Stripers + Light Tackle = Fun for the Whole Family!