Fun Family Fishing!

Get the Kiddos out of the house and way from video screens for a few hours!

Family fishing trips are are a ton of fun -- and a great way to introduce your kids to outdoor recreation. Children from about age 6 on up to pre-teens and teenagers are perfect for this style of trip. 

We know that the little ones can be a little short in the attention department, so we focus on high catch rate fisheries where the action is fast. 

Unless otherwise requested, we keep family trips to 1/2-day outings (4 hours)...again to keep the kids interested and engaged. 

We are based out of Sacramento and have numerous fishing holes within an hour or so of town that make for good kid trips. 



Typically we do family trips in the spring, summer and fall months -- when the weather's nice. We do fish year-round, so we can take you out during those months too when we great a break in the weather. 



Family Fishing Adventures
$165/person (Half Day)

We can accommodate families up to 4 people on our boat.

We provide everything you need for a fun fishing trip including the boat, bait and rods and reels. We'll also clean the fish for you if you'd like to take some home for dinner. 

You just need fishing licenses for anyone aged 16 and up and your lunch/drinks. 

Family Adventure at its finest!