Striper Bite....HOT!!

Fishing was phenomenal today on the lower Feather River despite the fact that the water was off-color. Flows are coming down this week and that's going to make this thing really go crazy next week! There are a lot of school size males around, but some bigger fish in the mix as well. 


I also did a bait soaking trip on the Sac on Wednesday below Sacramento. There was a lot of action but the size just want there...

On a somber note, I attended the services for legendary Nor Cal guide -- and one of my favorite people on the river -- Jimmy Zanocco on Tuesday. The next day, we dedicated and released the first fish of the day in his honor...


Striper Report

After a week of outstanding fishing, the water on Friday, April 14 came up dramatically on both the Feather and Sacramento rivers. Flows now are stable and starting to clear and I'd expect the fishing to be be back in full swing by mid-week. 

This is a late start to the hot fishing to be sure, but that just means we are going to fish stripes well into May this season -- and probably longer!


Father & son double headers...thats what it's all about!

Father & son double headers...thats what it's all about!

Striper Fishing Red Hot!

The striper bite in the rivers really busted loose this week, with big numbers of willing bass showing up. There are some nice fish in the 10-plus pound class in the mix and lots of shcoolie sized fish to pull your rod tip down! 

The Sac and Feather rivers are forecasted to rise this week with the storm but we should be in awesome shape by in a week or less. It's go time! 

Swimbiats and jigs have been the main baits we have been using lately...

Stripers Just Starting

With all the high water, the striper fishing is behind schedule at the moment. We should have been doing really well 2-3 weeks ago, but the fish are only now starting to show up. It's gaining momentum daily and we should be in full swing here very shortly.

So far, it's been the small males arriving early but they hens should be close behind...

This year, I think we're going to have fish well into May and probably June!

American Steelhead Opener Report

The much anticipated American River steelhead opener on Jan. 1 was largely a bust. We hooked one good fish early in the morning and then had a couple of other bites but only landed one halfpounder. I talked to a dozen or so other boats who didn't catch a fish either. 

The water was high (4,500 cfs) which makes it kinda like a needle in a hay field (notice I didn't say haystack). With the big rains coming in Jan. 7-8, flows are headed for 15,000 cfs and likely more. We are on standby at this point...

On a positive note, I saw plenty of salmon still spawning which was cool. I just hope the redds don't get all scoured out by the rain. 

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Hope you and yours have a great Holiday Season!! I'm going to hang out with the family the next several days but will be back out striper fishing just before new years and then will be on the American for the steelhead opener on January 1. 

Flows on the American went to 35,000 cfs last week...and that should have brought some fish in!! Flows are dropping now and will be 6,000 cfs by New Years Day. The color is still off at the moment but we have a week for it to clear up. Could be a pretty cool opener!


Two big storms hit Nor Cal this week and they have effectively shut down fishing for the short-term. All this water is awesome in the big picture but we won't be fishing much until after Christmas at the earliest. Flows on the Sac and American rivers are raging and brown and that's pushing a lot of mud down into the Delta as well. 

So, fingers crossed that flows come down by the Jan. 1 opening of steelhead season on the American. 

Striper Bite Solid

We had a bunch of North wind late last week and that kept us off the water. It took a couple days for the fish to settle back in but we got back after it again on Saturday. Fishing from Sat-Tuesday has been solid, though yesterday we had to really look around until we found the Mother Lode. Once we got on em, it was red hot. Still plenty of smaller fish around but some nice ones mixed in too. 

Kings done but stripers going strong!

The king salmon action finally has petered out and now it's time for Delta stripers! We did the first official run of the season the day before Thanksgiving and found action all day long, including a very nice extended topwater session!  The fish weren't giants tho we did get one that was probably 13-14 pounds. The water temps are perfect and the river has a nice slight brownish color to it. In short...IT'S GO TIME!!!


Still Catching Chome!

I just finished a couple weeks on the American River in the drift boat, where king fishing was, in a word, kinda weird. We had action every day, but the only thing consistent about it was it was inconsistent. Good one day, off the next etc. There were plenty of fish around, but they were just kinda moody. 

I have since moved to the Sac near downtown and every day we are finding some beautiful chrome kings with sea lice on them. There aren't tons of fish around but they are of a very good grade. Last season, the kings continued into early December so we should still have plenty of good days to come...


Time for Sacramento & American River Salmon!!

I just got done with my annual month on the Klamath and Trinity rivers, and now it's time for Sacramento and American river salmon!

The action local has been solid and...and it's just going to keep on getting better! Check out this report from the Lovely Martha that fished outside the Golden Gate on Oct 18 and caught limits of big in-bound spawner kings! Those fish are headed for the Sac River!!!

I'll be running trips starting this week and going until at least Thanksgiving (last year we had fresh kings into December!). I'll also be doing some drift boat runs on the American and some night salmon trips as well. 

On the Klamath and Trinity,  the salmon fishing was as tough as we have ever seen it but we still managed some good fish. And, luckily, we had some nice steelhead around too! See pix below...


Salmon fishing is Tough! But there may be light at the end of the tunnel!

The salmon bite in the Sacramento and Feather rivers has been dismal this week...with mostly skunks for all boats. There's an occasional fish or two caught but that's about it.

Now, there is some hope! Talking the ocean guys yesterday, the party boats have been getting near limits or limits on big, in-bound kings just outside the Golden Gate Bridge for the last several days. The fishing is good all the way up to Bodega Bay, too, so there's a wide swath of salmon out  there that have to come home soon.

When exactly they will enter the river is anybody's guess...they are a few weeks late as it is, so my guess is they will come sooner than later...


I have some room towards the end of September and the first week of October for our cool Trinity/Klamath salmon and steelhead adventure trips. You can check the video below to see what those are all about!