Great light tackle egg bite

Drifting eggs on light spinning gear today resulted in a great bite! This has been a major jack year but they have been on the chew so I'm not complaining! 


Chome Kings on Tap!

I jumped to the Sacramento River today and we hooked 4 gorgeous chrome kings....


Good Salmon Bite!

The past few days have been producing some very good salmon action. We have been catching everything on light spinning gear away from the crowds! 

Good times!  

I do have some room here and there next month if you'd like to get in on the fun.  


Salmon Bite: Very Good

The past couple of days the salmon bite has gotten really good! We are hooking fish on light tackle, using roe and it's a blast!  Not many people fishing in this area either!


Salmon Fishing on the Upswing!

While we had a couple slower days in the Valley last week, fishing has improved. We are seeing beautiful bright kings everyday and the action is just going to continue to improve as more fish leave the ocean and start upriver. 

Look for Excellent fishing over the next several weeks!

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.31.56 AM.png

Sac Salmon Season Improves Dramatically!

I got some really good reports from my buddies today with limits or near limits of bright shiny kings to 24 pounds! Some good thick shouldered bucks in the mix! And this was all either bobber fishing with eggs or plug fishing...and NOT at the outlet hole! 

Looks like it;s time to go fishing!

Time for Sacramento Valley Salmon

It was an amazing summer in Alaska, with fantastic king fishing in June and July and off-the-charts silver fishing into September. I'm back now and ready to chase kings through Thanksgiving. 

We are seeing scattered schools moving through the Sacramento, Feather and American rivers and while the fishing isn't red hot yet, the fish are of very nice quality! I'm starting up on Sept 10 and will be fishing daily from then on. 

See you all soon!

Alaska Kings done, now time for Sac Valley Salmon!!

I just finished up an amazing king season in Alaska and and getting some time in with the family before I go full-tilt on kings in the Sacramento River system.

I'm starting Sept 1 for kings and will run through at least Thanksgiving. With lots of water and all the kings the ocean guy's are seeing, I think it's gonna be really good this fall! 

Now, for some Alaska pix...feel free to get in touch if you'd like to fish Alaska next summer with me! 


Stripers & Shad

Did an evening striper-shad combo mission yesterday and caught decent numbers of both. The stripers were mostly small but there are some decent ones in the mix if you can wade through the dinks. The shad bite, like usual, is best late on the evening. 


The Never-Ending Striper Season!

I can't believe we are mid June almost and the striper fishing in the Valley rivers is still rediculous. The past several trips have yielded crazy numbers of stripers and I even had a couple banned trips on the Delta too this week. 


We have super hot weather in-bound so that will probably speed up the exodus of stripers from the system but man, oh man what a year!!!



I'll be shifting over more to shad fishing in the upcoming weeks and then let's start thinking salmon in August!  

Stripers...and Shad now on tap!

Striper fishing in the Valley rivers was scalding hot again most of the last week but it appears to be petering out pretty quickly as the water is warming up and the fish are finishing up their spawning activities.

That means the upper sections of the system are clearing out now but there will be some good pushes of stripers this week and next down low in the rivers and out into the Delta. In fact, I started fishing the Delta on Monday and we caught probably 30-40 fish without a ton of trouble. Nothing big, but there were plenty of fish around.

Shad fishing is also going very well now in the American River and I started doing 1/2 day trips over the weekend, There are piles of shad in the system and I'll have morning or evening trips available later this week. 


Another banner week of stripers!!

River conditions have been changing a lot almost every day...muddy and high...then low and clear then low and muddy and then high and's been a little wacky but I've been able to adapt to the changing conditions and the fishing has been exceptional!

For example, my guys on Friday were counting fish and said we had 83 by around 10 AM and I'm sure we needed with well over 100 by noon. Even on the slower days, it's been a 30-fish affair with everything caught one spoons (though we did fish minnows one day last week when I saw the night  before that the fish were going to be in a tough jig spot due to the conditions). 

As per usual, there are lots of school sized males but we have been seeing nice hens up to 20 pounds pretty frequently. I finally have some openings coming up this week, so let me know if you want to hop aboard!


OMG, the Striper Fishing has been AWESOME!!

It's been another banner week of striper fishing here in the Valley and the numbers of fish around is pretty staggering. We've been having a ball and, with high/cool water coming again, it looks like we will have great fishing all the way through May!

I will finally have some open dates starting next week, so get in touch if you want to get in on this amazing fishery that just keeps on going!


Striper Bite still solid

We battled through some ugly North Wind late in the week but by Sunday the fishing was back on again in the rivers for stripers. We've been catching lots of fish on spoons -- most of the stripers have been under 10 pounds this week but there have been a few big girls in the mix as well. What a great season this has been so far!

Great Striper Action Continues...

What a week of striper fishing! It's been awesome out there on the river and we have been seeing nice fish...and lots of them. A lot! 

We've been catching everything on light  gear and artificials and it's been a blast.!


Really Awesome Fishing!

The striper bite was silly-good today up the river and we had fish on from start to finish pretty much the entire time. . Lots of schoolie sized fish, but some larger ones as well to maybe 14-16 pounds. 

Hopefully this bite will continue because it doesn't get any more fun than this!!!


Striper Bite....HOT!!

Fishing was phenomenal today on the lower Feather River despite the fact that the water was off-color. Flows are coming down this week and that's going to make this thing really go crazy next week! There are a lot of school size males around, but some bigger fish in the mix as well. 


I also did a bait soaking trip on the Sac on Wednesday below Sacramento. There was a lot of action but the size just want there...

On a somber note, I attended the services for legendary Nor Cal guide -- and one of my favorite people on the river -- Jimmy Zanocco on Tuesday. The next day, we dedicated and released the first fish of the day in his honor...


Striper Report

After a week of outstanding fishing, the water on Friday, April 14 came up dramatically on both the Feather and Sacramento rivers. Flows now are stable and starting to clear and I'd expect the fishing to be be back in full swing by mid-week. 

This is a late start to the hot fishing to be sure, but that just means we are going to fish stripes well into May this season -- and probably longer!


Father & son double headers...thats what it's all about!

Father & son double headers...thats what it's all about!