Another banner week of stripers!!

River conditions have been changing a lot almost every day...muddy and high...then low and clear then low and muddy and then high and's been a little wacky but I've been able to adapt to the changing conditions and the fishing has been exceptional!

For example, my guys on Friday were counting fish and said we had 83 by around 10 AM and I'm sure we needed with well over 100 by noon. Even on the slower days, it's been a 30-fish affair with everything caught one spoons (though we did fish minnows one day last week when I saw the night  before that the fish were going to be in a tough jig spot due to the conditions). 

As per usual, there are lots of school sized males but we have been seeing nice hens up to 20 pounds pretty frequently. I finally have some openings coming up this week, so let me know if you want to hop aboard!